Location: Urbanización Bendinat - Mallorca


This property is located in the lower area of ​​Bendinat at 100mts from the sea. Its main facade is oriented to the Southeast, with an architectural order that imparts meaning to the whole dwelling. This “order” constitutes the center of gravity of the house, along which all the rooms are layout, both on the main floor and on the upper floor. A spectacular porch is overlooking the sea from east to west.

The personal involvement of ARQUIDURO as architects was enormous and this dedication was very important for the clients who wanted a house where the art of listening and understanding is projected. The key to this type of project is that “you build a roof for a human being” and this is not just a technical job, always respecting the environment and using native materials and treatments. That’s why it’s so complicated. To shape matter, whether is stone, wood or forge. The material is essential for inspiration, and it was more for this dwelling.

Location: Urbanización Bendinat – Mallorca